LibPQ release history#

LibPQ is a library for importing Power Query M language source files from local and/or web storage. The project follows semantic versioning specification.

This document describes the changes between releases of LibPQ. Keeping a changelog is important!

Plans and ideas for future versions can be found in the roadmap.

Unreleased changes (currently in git master)#

Other changes#

  • Improved error reporting and error handling in LibPQ loader and in UnitTest discovery tools (#18)
  • New Assert function: InvokeRaises (#19)

Version 1.2.0 (2019-03-19)#

Git commit: 836d84470d7830f7a36fe203a7ccfe7a5f7fbad0#

This release adds a few minor improvements regarding the unit testing framework.

The library has been in regular use for more than a year already and has proven to be very stable and had required very little maintenance. Author recommends it for use in any suitable task.

New features#

  • Support for fact based unit tests
  • Support unlimited number of test runners for different test suite types with UnitTest.Discover. Runner is determined based on the value of LibPQ.TestSuite meta field. Test runners have to be API compatible with the reference implementation (UnitTest.Run)

Other changes#

  • Test code was moved into a separate directory (#15)

Version 1.1.0 (2018-07-11)#

Git commit: 4aa1b5e522f72e90083f9335444e610326e3b737#

This release adds a few minor features.

The library has been around for half a year already. The author has been using it regularly to create new reports and refresh existing ones, no significant issues had arisen. The project is considered suitable for daily use.

New features#

New modules#

Version 1.0.0 (2018-02-21)#

Git commit: ae988cddc0b0996019cc2ccf8a486a40524337d6#

This is the first release of LibPQ. The library and the loader are considered feature full and stable.

Most of the features are described in the README and in documentation. Introductory overview is available at author's blog.

New features#